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Alex Hague

- Bachelor of Kinesiology
- Master of Coaching

My relationship with sports began with wrestling in junior high. It became the passion that got me out of bed every day and eventually led to me attending the University of Alberta as a varsity wrestler. This is where I was introduced to Olympic weightlifting, as we had used the lifts for strength training. I took wrestling to the national and briefly international level, but a series of injuries facilitated weightlifting becoming more important to me than wrestling. I had originally entered into university with the sole purpose of wrestling, but this introduction to the barbell gave me a new passion for strength & conditioning, so I changed my academic focus to Kinesiology. After completing my undergraduate degree, I took a gap year to gain as much practical experience as possible coaching strength & condition and Olympic weightlifting. I am now back in school tackling a Masters of Coaching at the University of Alberta.

I think what sets me apart from other coaches is that I take the time to listen to and build lasting relationships with my athletes. My athletes are my friends, and their success and wellbeing are important to me. That is why I want to coach: to build strong relationships with people and help them grow into not just great athletes, but great people. Obviously, the scientific aspect of training is critically important, but relationships between the individuals of a training environment are what truly create the heart and soul of sport.

My primary focus is on Olympic weightlifters, but I also work with a variety of sports performance athletes from wrestling, rugby, track cycling, bobsled, alpine ski, and more!

Parker Olfert


As a child, I participated in every activity imaginable; you name a sport and chances are that I have probably have at least tried it. I pretty much grew up on a bicycle constantly riding around the city of Saskatoon with my friends trying to get better every day. Eventually, I found basketball and brought that same drive for improvement into the sport. I played 2 years of college basketball in Winnipeg and loved the grind more than anything else. Being in the gym 3 times a day was me living the dream. After basketball, I found Olympic Weightlifting and that same grind continued for another 5 years. In these 7 years of putting my body through great physical abuse, it forced me to shift my focus to improving the way in which I move. This is how I discovered WeckMethod and learned more about movement efficiencies to improve performance and reduce pain. During this time, I have completed a 2 year Personal Fitness Diploma program as well as a Bachelors’ of Health and Physical Education with a Major in Physical Literacy from Mount Royal University.

My coaching philosophy is to always have an N=1 approach. You, as an athlete, are your own individual with your own set of experiences that make you different from everyone else. Your training program needs to be tailored to your specific needs. With that, I fully believe that the athlete needs to be free to explore their own body so I empower my clients to work with me in creating their program. This allows them to take responsibility and really think about the why behind what we are doing and find the root cause of movement issues.

My primary focus is on improving movement capacity across all types of sports. I want to help people move better both inside and outside of their sport using movements that mimic the basic fundamental movement patterns.

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