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Training with Garage Gym has greatly contributed to my success as an athlete in both football and weightlifting. Alex is one of the best up and coming weightlifting coaches in Canada. Not only does he have a huge passion to learn, he can easily communicate with athletes at all skill levels. I truly believe that I would not have had the successes I've had without his knowledge, influence, and support.

Max Von Muehldorfer, Garage Gym weightlifter,

CWFHC superheavyweight youth & juniour national champion,

Western University Football

Having been an athlete with Garage Gym since its inception, I can say it is a true privilege to be a part of this team. The people at Garage Gym have created a welcoming and challenging environment where we come together as weightlifters, as athletes, and as friends. In terms of programming and coaching, Alex is an excellent coach. His enthusiasm and knowledge are infectious, and his programming is equally as challenging as it is fun. Alex is not afraid to explore new programming avenues or different techniques - he's helped me improve my classic lifts as well as navigate through injury. I have, and will, always recommend Garage Gym and their collective knowledge to those who are willing to put in as much work as these coaches do.

Maggie Burlington, Garage Gym weightlifter

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