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Weightlifting Coaching,
In-person or Remote

Our main focus of this program is the COACHING, because we treat weightlifting as a sport, not just an accumulation of repetitions in specific intensity zones.

You will have access to your own private coach, with the level of communication based on which program you sign up for. You and your coach will develop a rapport using your chosen method of communication, and video analysis through CoachNow. We can make programming suitable for all levels of athletes, from someone who has never touched a bar to someone looking for a spot on the national podium.

Our individual programming is designed around your personal strengths and weaknesses. We aim to give you the perfect amount of volume and intensity to promote steady adaptations. Your exercise selection is based on your movement patterns in your snatch and clean & jerk, with the ultimate goal of improving your competition total as much as possible.

Please send us an email to get to know us a little more before you sign up because we want to make sure that we are the right fit for you. We highly value the coach-athlete relationship and want to understand your exact needs and what motivates you.

Live in Edmonton? Come check out our in-person team! We run out of Spectrum Performance & Rehab, 6740 99 Street NW.

Our coached practice times for May-June 2023 are:

Monday: 7-9am, 4-7pm

Tuesday: 7-9am, 4-7pm

Wednesday: 4-7pm

Thursday: 7-9am

Friday: 7-9am, 4-7pm

Saturday: 9-11am

(Note: Coach Alex will be away May 11th-May 22nd, June 2nd-June 5th)

Silver Remote

- Custom Programming, re-evaluated every week

- Movement analysis of your main lifts

- Weekly video review


Gold Remote,
In-person team

- Custom Programming, re-evaluated every week or on a per-need basis

- Movement analysis of your main lifts

- Daily video review

- Direct communication with your coach 24/7


Contact Us

Thanks for getting in touch!

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